Useful and straight-to-the-point information about the Cyprus tax system.

Cyprus has become well known for the advantages offered to both individuals and corporations mainly from a tax perspective and is well established as an international financial centre for this reason.

General Information

Main corporate forms : Public and Private Companies, limited by shares; companies limited by guarantee; limited and general partnerships.

Cost level : Low, particularly in comparison with Benelux countries.

Currency : Euro

Legal system : English Common Law

Memberships : EU, the Commonwealth of Nations (previously known as the British Commonwealth)

Government Charges & Fees

Annual Levy : EUR 350

Share transfer duty : Nil

Companies Registry Initial Registration Fee : Flat fee of EUR 102 plus 0.6% of the nominal value of the authorised share capital with no upper limit; usually minimised by using low issued capital and high share premium.

Taxation of Cypriot Private Limited Companies

Taxation of Individuals